About Us

Welcome To The African Centre for Tax and Governance (ACTG)

Research-Policy-Capacity Building

Our Vision

To be the leading institution in tax policy research and capacity building in Africa.

Our Mission

To promote equitable and efficient taxation in Africa through policy-oriented research and capacity building.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration

Our Objectives

Serve as a platform to promote tax policy research in Africa;

Act as a catalyst to promoting equitable and efficient taxation in Africa;

Encourage research and debate on tax policy issues in Africa through collaboration with the academia, research organisations, civil society organisations and relevant government institutions in Africa;

Promote tax justice and good governance in Africa through high-quality research;

Provide a platform for engagements between state and taxpayers to address issues of legitimacy and state-citizen relationship pertaining to taxation in Africa

Provide trainings, lectures, seminars and symposia with the aim of creating awareness on of taxation and governance to individuals, Civil Society Organisations and stakeholders in the public and private sector;

Identify avenues to influence tax reforms in Africa.

High-quality Tax Policy Oriented Research

ACTG conducts relevant and timely research on tax policy related issues in Africa. To ensure that our research influences policy, we ensure that a careful stakeholder engagement is carried out before, during and after the research is conducted.

Capacity Building Programs

The ACTG conducts different capacity building programs to meet the needs of different actors in the tax policy and administration realm: CSOs, Researchers, Activists, Journalists, African government officials etc